James H. Lee is a creator of fantastic, funny films. A native of Los Angeles, he's a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinema & TV. His career started in TV production where he was immersed in comedy while working behind the scenes as a post producer on Joan River's Fashion Police series for E! Entertainment. He has since developed a directing style that combines an eye for unique visuals and laugh out loud comedy performances. His films range from a hyper-stylized action sizzle, a political farce about misinformation, and an entirely self-shot iPhone pandemic comedy. He sets out to push boundaries and deliver a truly memorable viewing experience.


Chips Across America
June 2022
Chips Across America POSTER.jpg
CoVig 19 Movie Poster A (Poster).png
CoVig 19
November 2020
Once Upon a Time in 'Murica
July 2019

While cable news pundits debate the merits of a draconian men's reproductive rights law, enforcement goes into effect for an unsuspecting citizen. It's a comedic farce about misinformation in America. However ludicrous the arguments may seem, it's rooted in an entirely plausible alternate reality.

Once Upon a Time in 'Murica-2.png
The Flavor of Fury
In Development

A 2020 Red List Top Ranked, highly engaging martial arts action script about a young aspiring chef who discovers her lethal fighting skills when a nefarious street gang attacks her family restaurant. It combines the culinary world of street cuisine with fast-paced hand-to-hand combat. 

The Most Interesting Man in Show Business
April 2018

The award winning sizzle short explores the life of a badass motorcycle stuntman known as The Knockabout Artist. It's a hyper stylized, piece of action cinema that questions your perceptions of who a Hollywood action hero should be. A short proof of concept for a feature film.